10 WordPress Plugins to Monetize Your Blog

With the increase in people blogging, and especially the increase of blogs becoming authoritative sources of information, people now want to know how to make money blogging.

Before trying to make money from your blog, it’s important to first start gaining a following. Once you’ve got a strong following, you can begin finding ways to bring in a profit.

Below I’ve listed 10 WordPress plugins that can help you make money from your blog.

1. Simple PayPal Donate. If you’re offering an authoritative voice or a specific service to visitors, then put this button on your blog, encouraging visitors to help keep your blog going through donations.

2. WP-Affiliate. If you’re using an affiliate program like Commission Junction, this plugin makes it easy to add products on your blog that people can buy. You can add the affiliate products on various areas of your page.

3. EmbedIt. Customize your monetizing efforts by adding your own html code into blog posts and static pages using EmbedIt. EmbedIt eliminates some of the formatting issues that arise when adding code to posts and pages.

4. WP Text Ads. Although it takes a little more work then Adsense, text ads usually bring a higher commission because you work directly with the advertising company. You can upgrade to the paid version of the plugin to display more ads.

5. CafePress. The popular retail site with millions of members now lets you sell any of their 60 million+ products from your WordPress sidebar, footer or full page.

6. Easy Auction Ads. Pick your niche or your audience’s favorite product, and let eBay sell it on your WordPress blog.

7. WordPress BankRoll. Turn your blog into a paid blog or review site. Sponsors can pay to write a post or pay you to write a post for them.

8. eShop. Setup your own online store with this plugin. Features include sales data, statistics, different shipping options for buyers, stock control and different payment options for buyers. This is especially helpful for crafters, artists and others that create products for sale.

9. Adsense Deluxe. Not only can you add Google Adsense or Yahoo ads, but you can add your own advertising by inserting html code.

10. PostPost. Display advertising in your feeds, so that you can capitalize off people who are just reading your feeds.